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Anton Vujma's book About black PR

The foreword.

This book is a fruit of long studying of the information phenomena and those consequences which they leave in mass consciousness. About eleven years I am engaged practical Public Relations. And both white and black. For this time has had time to collide(face) different customers, PR-projects, operating conditions and Russian specificity PR. And also in 23 years to protect the master's thesis on this theme.

It Is easy to do(make) PR when there are under inspection telechannels and newspapers. It is easy to do(make) it(him) when there are communications(connections) in administrative structures. It is easy to do(make) PR, having the huge budget. But actually all this excesses and not the necessary things. Modern technologies allow to create effective PR in conditions of considerably less comfortable. Also it is normal professional PR, instead of casual victories of unknown geniuses. Fabulous budgets are not necessary. Not necessary familiar in authority in mass media, but are necessary knowledge and creative abilities.

In middle 90 I earned additionally the saxophonist in clubs. To increase the popularity and a working costs I has addressed to PR-technologies. Has written clause(article) about itself and has dispatched her(it) in newspapers and magazines (Anton Stupa seems under a pseudonym). She(it) was published free-of-charge simultaneously with five editions. And in one of them me after that have invited to work as the journalist engaged in the review of club life. Clause(article) was ridiculous and эпатажная. I have written, that saxophonist Toni Vujma uses not forbidden sound psychotropic means under influence which people start to lose the control above themselves and to do(make) mad acts. Descriptions of these amusing acts also contained in this clause(article). Though all histories were something outstanding, but, despite of it, were only слега the embellished truth. And, certainly, I actually used weak sound psychotropic means at concerts. This clause(article) in various updatings long enough then walked on the Internet and, I think, she(it) and now there can be found.

Actually I also began the PR-career from this clause(article). Despite of a significant amount of books about PR, normal books actually were not. That all таки to extract the necessary information it was necessary to read the foreign periodical press and books in English.

I have tried to step little bit further, trying to understand essence of the given phenomenon and to get to the bottom of its(her) roots. In the basis of the public phenomena strange sometimes poorly studied processes which result in numerous paradoxes lay. But to all this there is an explanation and opportunities of management of these processes.

You can read Results of my penetration into a subbase of mass communications in section « the Theory of virtual concepts ». This technology should open significant opportunities for PR. She(it) to allow to operate authority, the property, a style, prestige, goods and evil. She(it) will allow to do(make) such manipulations which seem a fantasy earlier with these concepts. In it to the book only initial step of this technology is placed.

Certainly, the book refers to « Black PR » and she(it) is devoted to it(him). However it is understood by me black PR not as a negative and an embodiment of evil. And as information struggle. And sometimes it is struggle for freedom and validity, struggle for kindness against evil.

In modern conditions information wars frequently replace wars weapon. By means of them it is possible to grasp corporations, and even the whole states. In increasing frequency information wars come on change real. Also it is process it is objective. Never was such blossoming of MASS-MEDIA earlier and never it was impossible to inform on what at once all world's population earlier. And in what the purpose of any war? To convince any state or the government to obey other state and the government. What for to be at war, if the same purpose it is possible to reach(achieve) in the peace way, having convinced other people by means of TV?

It is not necessary to think, that the book methods, which are stated here, equally good, as for small shoe workshop as and for huge petroleum concern are intended for PR-менов the large companies and the state structures..

In any sense this book a new sight on black PR and PR as such. She(it) more practical, than theoretical and I have tried to supply with its(her) interesting examples from own practice.

Information support of readers appears on my site www.vuima.ru. There you can ask me under the book, and I with pleasure shall explain to you the not clear moments, and also you can communicate on a forum to other readers of the book. This forum is closed for all but readers of this book. To get on him(it) http://forum.vuima.ru it is necessary to type(collect) on a site « a name of the user » user and the password 1162218. Or to send me the electronic letter (the address vuima@vuima.ru) with offered by you логином and the password then I can register you on this closed forum.


In the beginning we shall understand, that such black PR as such. Basically, in the foreign literature this term meets seldom and it is possible to tell, that the term « black PR » the Russian invention. If to ask any known foreign пиарщика, and whether it(he) is engaged black PR it(he) very much will take offence as it is his(its) such decent(considerable) noble пиарщика have accused of it. And, nevertheless, abroad black PR is, and it is advanced, perhaps, more strongly, than at us. In political and in economically questions distribution of the dirty information is one of tools of a competition. But nobody uses the term black PR, and name it(him):

• Struggle for a diligent competition;

• the Message of the truth on competitors at elections;

• Struggle for human rights;

• Struggle for social justice;

• Struggle for democracy;

• Struggle for cleanliness of an environment;

• Struggle for rights of consumers;

• Struggle for freedom and validity;

• Protection of human rights;

• Etc.

That is always it is struggle for something socially useful and good. Both, certainly, anybody and never will tell, that this struggle for the market and reception rigid a competition. Outside all looks very nobly. However, so it also should be - you see it is present PR. very serious companies abroad do not disdain methods black PR. I even would tell, that all large companies of the world practise black PR-technologies. In it is modern capitalist not being able messages of PR-fight the world simply to not survive.

What we shall mean under Black PR? Any information attacks directed on destruction of business, image, corporate communications(connections) etc. It Is possible to tell, that black PR some kind of a method of conducting information wars.

Many think, that black PR, as well as white PR it is a prerogative of large business and politicians. However even in fine business black PR can take place. Also it is completely not necessary to have huge money that it(him) to do(make). It(he) is distributed everywhere and at all levels. Nevertheless in Russia while it is far from being everyone are able to use him(it) and consequently while we see very little information the soldier on the average and small business. But information wars it is possible for a message at any level.

Black PR very much frequently promotes protection of rights of consumers, protecting them from the poor-quality goods. It(he) assists an overall performance of authorities and frequently protects the population from an arbitrariness and беспредела various state bodies. Yes it(he) is destructive, but is more declined to destroy ill and rotten, rather than healthy and fine.

Whence at us in Russia the term black PR (speak black пиар more often) has appeared? We shall notice, that this term much more known and popular, than PR (Public Relations) ordinary, i.e. white. Concept PR is not clear for many and is not conceivable. Someone names this activity Джинсой or халявой, someone Public relations, someone understands PR as a version of advertising. And black PR more than clearly for all. When you speak "PR", many react so: « And PR … Black PR. Yes, it is clear ». So, we have phenomenal popularity of this term.

But whence this term has undertaken? The matter is that in постперестроечный the period many have rushed to be engaged PR. But the press did not hasten to take news free-of-charge, that is on rights паблисити, and many the first пиарщики did not differ креативом to create news worthy паблисити. That is the press suddenly became completely selling and from пиарщика it was not required the creative approach to place news. What for? Has paid, and they and so her(it) will take. And press during this period was without a difference what to take - dirty поливу or чистенькую advertising.

Therefore it is very fast at us it was formed two poles: custom-made advertising clauses(articles) (which language did not turn to name PR, and what for you see a word "advertising" понятнее) and too custom-made abusive clauses(articles) which could not be named advertising as the customer usually modestly left in a shadow. And these dirtiest custom-made clauses(articles) which are not having the direct customer, began to name PR. As journalists tried "qualitatively" « to merge a dirty » and to please the customer differently as black PR to name this activity it became impossible. From here the given term also has was extended. More often the similar circuit of work was used in political PR and consequently itself PR too began to associate a policy(politics).

At once I shall tell, that the similar version black PR has no any attitude(relation) to real professional black PR. Moreover, last completely excludes a payoff of press. In professional PR you create an information occasion, and it(he) appears on so much interesting, that the press willingly publishes the information free-of-charge.

However in Russia all processes in this period developed a little extremely. So the fair competition was replaced with gangster disassemblies. And for development of manufacture it was required to privatize the former state enterprises only quickly. And for some days poor, but the dexterous businessman could become the owner of several factories and steamships.

Naturally abroad PR it was formed as, but now it(he) has come in such stage, that black PR campaigns are perceived, as the exclusive blessing. In the West black PR it is advanced on much greater, it(he) is much more professional and on much more dangerous. It was felt, by the way, on themselves by those who tried to leave with the goods on their market. And if at us custom-made clauses(articles) usually do not bring appreciable damage as it is visible from заказаность there professional black PR completely quickly enough it is capable to destroy, someone's business. And there PR it is not less effective, than litigations and an aggressive competition.

Consumers very much frequently win from this information struggle. For example, it is necessary to any company to place the false facts as its(her) competitors will promulgate ложность these facts in advertising. And if any firm is inclined to a false information in advertising, hence, she(it) can not to make a qualitative product. The consumer starts to doubt and worse buys the goods of the dishonest company. All this induces the companies to watch closely quality of production and behind honesty of the advertising.

And we shall look at advertising in Russia. For example, in advertising tape recorders their characteristics are constantly overestimated. Instead of 200 вт. The tape recorder can reproduce capacities only 150 вт. Etc. But in advertising write the overestimated figures as know, that in Russia with it problems will not be.

Even at the foreign factories which are settling down in Russia, quality surveillance not less rigid, rather than at similar factories on their native land. Why? Simply these goods can come into the hands western пиарщика, and any discrepancy will result in a magnificent information occasion and black PR to address of dear company.

The Russian version black PR results in very interesting consequences. So people have ceased to go at us on elections as from leaflets know, that all participants of process "thieves". And what for from flight of "thieves" to choose one less thievish?

Black PR it is positive enough activity as she(it) stimulates increase of quality of made production and services. If in his(its) absence of the company for many years dare to do(make) a marriage(spoilage) in conditions advanced black PR it is physically impossible.

We shall Try to formulate definition black PR. So, black PR is a purposeful distribution of the negative information concerning any inanimate or animated object. The purpose of such activity can be either destruction of business, or undermining of business ties, or something another.

And I do not see a serious moral difference in expression of the competitor from the market by a price dumping, by proceeding or by black PR. All this a rigid competition. Hence, weak leaves(abandons) the market, and strong wins. From black PR it is possible and it is necessary to be able to be protected and in this book methods of it will be described.

Professional Black PR can not to be referred in any kind to a unfair competition. Though at first sight can seem, that it(he) can so be treated. You do not abuse the competitor, and struggle for honesty and validity and only raise the doubts in any qualities of the competitor. Black PR allows to promulgate the facts confirming poor quality of the goods and service of the competitor and also to specify the latent marriage(spoilage) and a deceit of consumers.

Naturally black PR is a tool of business. And depending on that in whose hands it(he) will get, it(he) can bring the blessing or a stronghold to be angry. If it(he) will fall into of the fair businessman it(he) protects it(him) and his(its) consumers from a unfair competition and an arbitrariness of officials. Black PR in his(its) hands destroys poor-quality products, weak business and that allows to achieve blossoming of that healthy and strong. In this case wins the best and all of us from it only win.

Black PR in hands of the villain turns to evil. It(he) starts to destroy the useful goods to destroy fair business etc. it(he) begins activity harmful to a society. And the successful companies can not be protected from him(it), not having in the staff(state) of powerful PR-group. This book should learn businessmen how create black PR campaigns, so to that how to be protected from them. Only owning in perfection methods of an attack and protection you can achieve success in this kind of activity and promote development of fair and fair business.

Frequently you can collide(face) that any company has not executed the treaty provision, but has received money. You can influence it(her) through court or other ways, but can apply both black PR. And the truth will be on your party(side).

That is black PR is not a science how to do(make) evil, and the technique as by means of the negative information to achieve validity, decency and the superiority over the market.

Where it is possible to use black PR? In this book political and commercial ways of use black PR are stated, both, but all is more таки accent(stress) is made on commercial use. We list them:

• For competitive struggle. Black PR can be used for replacement from the market of competitors. It is possible to lower a level of selling of the goods of the competitor. Simply it is possible to destroy business of the competitor to destroy business of communication(connection) of the competitor. To weaken positions of the competitor.

• For rendering influence on authority. Frequently in Russia officials not well enough carry out the duties. Also can have interests distinct from state etc. thus the top management or does not know about it, or blinks at it. Paid attention of the public to the given infringements it is possible to change a situation in the radical image. Also it is one of the most effective methods. The top management wants, that officials worked well or, at least wants the society aspires to force to think, that they want it. Therefore, when the information gets in the central MASS-MEDIA (mass media), it can result in active actions of the top authorities. There are global problems in various branches of business which for some reason are not given to publicity, and, nevertheless, in case of publicity they could be solved. The circuit of actions approximately such. The population demands the decision of a problem. Actions(shares) will be carried out(spent). The information gets in press. The top management begins trial. The problem in this or that kind is solved. Efficiency of the decision, by the way, too depends from PR. However in case of influence on authority it is possible not only to solve but also to aggravate a problem. All depends on correctness of your strategy.

• it Is possible to influence partners and suppliers. Partners and suppliers can satisfy a condition of the agreement, but can carry out not correctly or to not carry out at all. It is possible to influence through court, but probably to use and PR technologies. Especially then, when litigation of nothing gives.

• For neutralization of negatively adjusted group of the population or the organizations.

• Also it is possible to use black PR for itself advertising. You do(make) black PR campaign against yourselves and the business, but do(make) it so, that instead of destruction popularity of the enterprise and products is on the contrary increased. Sometimes with same purpose it is possible to use another's PR-campaigns hostile to you.

All listed methods are actively used in practice in the world and Russia, however having collided(faced) in a forehead with black PR is not always clear, that you deal with it(him). Professional black PR campaigns usually well mask under casual spontaneous events. That is they simulate the certain external factors which have been suddenly up in arms against you. Some kind of malicious fate starts to pursue the company. And while you struggle with fate or destiny, your opponents successfully embody the artful plans in life.

For example, present, that to you in office the group of women of an indecent kind suddenly comes. Protection of them exposes, but they come next day. And instead of leaving start to walk near to your office. And here leaving from office, you find out, that the crowd of indecent women was replaced by group of the grandmothers picketing your office. They are sure, that at you here a brothel or something in this sort. You obviously prevent them to live. There comes TV and does(makes) the reporting on a brothel which you have organized under a kind of the decent enterprise and about grandmothers who are indignant of it. You try to understand this misunderstanding. But here to you in hair the woman seizes полуобнаженная and asserts(approves), that you have thrown her(it) and have not paid for its(her) indecent services. You just in case take away in militia. Then you find out, that your office is sealed and there any check works. As a result of a chain of similar actions completely it is possible to lose image and all clients. Thus all will be similar to any phantasmagoria. Some kind of a trick of fate. And all accidentally. Any misunderstanding? Whether not so …

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