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Anton Vujma
At conference Optics of lasers

The discoveries made by physics render have colossal influence upon civilization. Thus, the problem of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons would not have sense if physics would not build the nuclear bomb. And the American army would run with swords and axes, floating on the wooden ships. We would know about world problems from heralds and hearings, while Sony Corporation, would, probably, have to sell drums and clarions instead of video cameras and DVD players.

Scientific achievements have completely changes the course of our history and civilization, and physics were key players in this process. Without their ideas the world would look absolutely different.

However, despite of such a great value of their inventions, role of physicists and their financial position still leaves much to be desired. As a rule, physics only execute orders of politicians and corporations, appearing, per se, as servants, not as masters of the situation. The main fruits of their inventions are owned by the customers, which ordered and financed the trials.

In my opinion, it is necessary to change the situation, to some extent, to turn it upside-down and to increase the value of scientists and their financial situation.

Destinies of many financial corporations, politicians and the whole states depend directly on science and outcomes of your developments. The trueness of this affirmation was proven over the last two centenaries. Any invention can bring either success or wreck, depending on type of invention and whom was it made by. At present, corporations and politicians finance only what brings them success; some inventions are lost or underfinanced, or disappear inside secret safes. On the other hand, life of each citizen also depends on scientific inventions and course of their trials. And ordinary citizens, probably, could have some influence on such trials, if they would know a domain they are carried out in, while now they vote by their purses, preferring to purchase one or another type of articles.

One of the simplest mechanisms allowing to increase value of physicists in a society is to provide PR-support of scientific trials. That is some kind of public disclosure of new inventions and their practical implementation.

In the USSR, the science was militarized so as far as it was possible. Almost the whole population of the country was working for defense industry and invention of new armaments. In recent years, the International Science and Technology Centre (ISTC) helps to scientists, who formerly worked for defense industry, to change their scientific thought towards peaceful articles. However, many inventions made through ISTCs activities are difficult to implement, i.e. are put on a shelf waiting their better days. The main reason of low commercialization of those inventions is the lack of their popularization. Thus, only a limited circle of interested persons knows about remarkable epoch-making and sometimes unique developments. They are neither discussed by the mass media nor known to a wide audience.

At the same time, there is nothing easier than to let wide public know about those epoch-making inventions. That is, their uniqueness itself already is a sensation and all we need is to correctly draw mass media and wide public attention to this new theme.

When a trial is in project and has no financing, then its disclosure can for a wide circle of sponsors, as well as to draw attention of foundations like ISTC. It is possible to say, that the public significance of a trial is in doubt, until mass media attention is not focused on it.. Disclosure allows to change the status of the future trial.

What do I mean by disclosure? I do not refer to special scientific editions (objects of many scientists efforts), but to a wide circle of mass media. Of course, if special scientific magazines publish the essence of a trial, mass-media will show only its popular version.

How is it possible to provide PR-support of new developments on the domain of laser physics? I will tell you about the method successfully applied both in Russia, in Europe and the USA.

Suppose that you have a project of a future trial or an available development having considerable practical usefulness. You need to present this development in a way, which would be the most understandable way for a wide audience. Find any person not related with science and tell him / her the essence of tour trial probe in the most available and understandable form.

Analyze, what part of your trial produces the greatest interest in an non-scientific auditory? May be, your trial contains some funny moments changing general stereotypes? May be, the description of your trial comprises a play on words?

To show your invention on TV, you have to create an interesting entertaining series. In fact, you have to invent a show, which will demonstrate the essence of your invention in the most sensational form. In order to maintain staginess, it is often necessary to exaggerate the entertaining series, transforming hardly apparent phenomena to something giant. In other words, if there is a smoke, it should be not a mild mist, but almost a fire. If processes cannot be demonstrated on developmental prototypes, computer animation could be required to provide maximal staginess and understandability of showed phenomena.

Think, where and how can your development be applied and whether it is possible to increase scale and value of this trial. Sometimes a development was oriented to rather narrow and special application; however, if you fantasize a little, you can see a larger scale of its application. It is necessary to submit the trial so that one could think its outcome will change the life of the whole world. And that is just what in fact often happens. Thus, a small semiconductor laser has originated the whole branch of information and sound recording. And thus it would be possible to disclose this invention from the point of view of its physical application, as well as to fantasize in order to state that twenty years later we will have CD-players.

Therefore, after choosing a most understandable part of the trial and inventing an entertaining series, it is possible to start developing events which would draw attention of mass media. Let us note, that is the matter of events, not of a simple disclosure to mass media.

The budget of similar events can vary from zero ad infinitum. Sometimes, even having a null budget it is possible to make a world sensation. When you have neither budget not engineering prototypes, it is reasonable to reasonably to hold a simple press-conference and to show the computer animation depicting the process as a whole.

There are three traditional ways to develop such events. It is possible to put up an event for an event itself, i.e., to develop a certain entertaining object, which unique function will be to make a sensation, or to hold a series of events for the same purpose. There are many types of similar events. Many of them do not look serious and are considered as a tomfoolery, but, in fact, they are substantially more serious than they seem. Although many serious scientists are skeptical about those events, they just do not take into account their probable effectiveness, as superficialism and showmanship of such events hide quite serious premeditations.

For example, you install a children's playground somewhere in city in the for of a laser (naturally not operating). Therefore, using this model and having the possibility to climb all over it, children could know more about laser design, function, etc.

It is possible to give your research group some unusual name, such as laser friends. It is possible to take part in elimination of pirated CDs by developing a laser, which destructs them. It also could be used for elimination of pirated watches, drugs, etc.

The event can be even a protest action. For example, it is possible to protest against any law preventing (impeding) development of a certain branch of laser technologies.

For example, not so long ago the ISTC Foundation financed developments in laser odontology. The invented devices allowed treating teeth without harming any other materials. Many European laws restrict application of lasers in odontology. Thus, it is possible to put pickets near all European embassies providing them with a stomatological laser, so that any passer-by could check the effect of this laser on verify this laser on gingivae and to have evidence that it is completely harmless for them, but cuts teeth tissue.

But this demonstration requires operative laser. What can we do without it? Curiously enough, but it is quite possible. For example, laser physics picket the European embassies in the same manner as above, extracting one tooth an hour. Of course, it is not necessary to extract real teeth, but only to imitate extraction: one inserts plastic teeth into his mouth, then takes enormous dental forceps and extracts plastic teeth with maximal staginess. High-quality teeth models are available in any dental care centre.

Even if this event is held in Russia, it will be reflected in foreign mass media provoking public discussion of a problem, as well as popularizing Russian developments abroad. Besides, the budget of such an event will not exceed 300 euros.

Other event aimed at popularization of the above mentioned dental development can include usage of this laser for combustion of a small figure completely composed of teeth. It can be an abstract figure symbolizing toothache provoked by drilling machine or any tooth disease.

Besides, the ISTC Foundation financed trials in the domain of laser diagnostic of cerebral circulation. Unfortunately, these trials did not show practical results yet. In order to draw attention to this kind of trials, it is possible, for example, by holding a round-table conference dedicated to cerebral circulation or to use an working device to examine considerable quantity of young people between 15 and 25 and to show that many of them have cerebral circulation disorders. It is possible to carry out such an examination even without using laser device and then to start to beat the alarm: the youth suffers from circulation disorders and we have to do something with that. This will inevitably promote global trials among young people. As a result, large number of laser devices will be required. And at that moment the general public reveals that there is a cheap laser device, which can be used for this purpose.

Other way to draw attention of wide public circles to our trials is their association with something already well-known. This can be any known person, well-known event, or any inanimate, but widely known subject. For example, to demonstrate a very high-power laser, it is possible to burn at one of the panes of a diamond the profile of the President of Russia Putin.

It is also possible to invite famous people to press-conferences and round-tables in order to increase public resonance around prospective or already realized trials. It is interesting, that it is not important who will be the guests of these presentations well-known physics, politicians or actors. The only important thing is the level of popularity of invited person. It is possible to take a certain part in this the life of this person or to make something related to him.

As it was noted before, it is possible to join another well-known event. For this purpose, it is necessary to monitor publications and to find most vital topics. The information about your trial should become a kind of answer or commentary to the given well-known theme. For example, mass media started to discuss falling birth rates and hold a press-conference showing how laser physics can help to increase birth rate. When they talk about terrorism, you speak about devices assisting to struggle against terrorism, as well as about your exclusive trials in this domain. All these efforts draw attention to you and your trials. And even if there is a prospective theme in mass media not covered by actual trials, let them n\know that you can carry out such trials and you, probably, will receive this order.

Sometimes, invented events are used, i.e. you simply get an interesting idea and make it public. For example, there is a high-power laser in your laboratory. It certainly can be used for any very important functions, while you offer to make a laser show in non-traditional manner. Put this high-power laser in any public place and use it to melt bricks, nails, bottles, etc. But you do not have to organize such show at all - simply convoke a press-conference, show this laser working and say that you plan to organize such an event in the nearest future. And, probably, there will be no events besides this conference.

One of the best invented events is the court session. If you know a sensational theme, you can bring it before the court for PR-purposes this could be any striptease club using laser equipment, as you consider that such application of lasers discredits laser physics. However, besides inventing an event it is necessary to represent it in mass media in a manner that improves image of the research centre, as well as to obtain investments into further trials. It is difficult, as the same event can have completely different ways of presentation. While it has it has certain shade under certain circumstances, in other case it can explode your reputation. Actually, any event can be presented both in positive and in negative manner for you. Thus, for example, scandals bring success to someone, but explode others reputation and career. Very often physics publishing articles in general non- scientific press and gaining interest of non-scientific community acquire the image of non-serious persons< as well as those who is published in non-scientific press more than in scientific media lose their prestige in academic circles. However, Public Relations processes, if made professionally, can be steered and directed to any desired course. It is possible even to bail out from the bridge and to receive the maximum respect in scientific community. The most important thing is the presentation of the event. It has to be chosen accurately. It is also necessary to know, that press sometimes misrepresents facts. It is not very good, yet not bad. It is bad, because your successful news can be completely misrepresented due to misunderstanding. And it is good, because press can make a mountain of a molehill without any reason. Therefore, it is necessary to submit materials in form of short, sensational and easily understandable press releases. A correctly composed press release cannot be changed, so you can read all modifications. For example, you declare, that you have only started to develop a theme, while journalists will write that you have achieved tremendous success in this business. Or they can start to criticize your trial, but general public will show interest in it. Each word in the press release is quire important. In fact, all process of popularization of new technologies is reduced to the following. You pack the information about your trial into an entertaining event. Then dispatch press releases and acquaint press with your show, and, finally, general public acquires essence of your development in the similar game form and starts to perform actions necessary for you. That I have told were only methods of popularization of trails by means of Public Relations. But there are other much more potent and efficient public technologies, which allow you not only to popularize your trials, but also to acquire the considerable financial resources and high social status. The matter is that seven years ago we have investigated public technologies and have found a universal rule covering all public processes. We have called this new system as Virtual Concepts Technology. This tremendous system is applicable usable in different public processes from economic and ideological to family relations. It is a unique instrument of public values control system and world-view of considerable groups of people. This technology supposes that such concepts as authority, property, value of money, success, states, companies, enterprises, etc. exist only in our mind and nowhere more. In other words, it is some kind of a program existing in many peoples minds. And it means that in order to change those concepts, it is necessary just to overpersuade a fair quantity of people. In fact, to get hold of somebody, it is necessary just to convince that person to be at nod. To receive a property, it is necessary to convince someone to give it to you. To receive money, it is necessary to convince other people to give them to you. And a priori it is possible without any material actions, by means of making people change their minds. Under the contemporary conditions, it is easy to change peoples mind through mass media. It is also necessary to note, that something impossible at a level of personal communications sometimes is quite probably for mass communications.

In physics, many ideas are, in fact, offered for sale. But there is no mechanism permitting to determine with absolute accuracy what exactly one or another person was an original author of this idea and nobody before him had in his mind nothing like that. Very often the same developments are carried out simultaneously in different parts of the world. The idea can be recited and in this case a person knowing it, in fact, receives it for himself. When the invention is already realized, it is quite easy to be acquired by those who want to use it for his business or political purposes. Thus, developers sometimes receive a minor amount of money in comparison with benefits obtained by those who use their idea.

Due to such tendency, it is reasonable to sell inventions at a maximal price before their completion. It is possible to sell both the inventions, which exist only in forecasts and those which already have their theoretical base.

The greatest success in selling future inventions is achieved by medical officers. Special foundations help to gather vast amounts of money for struggle against AIDS, cancer, bird influenza and other diseases. The medicines are just under invention, but the scientists already at this stage are going quite decently.

The future inventions are extremely important, both from the point of view of their operative application and due to social tendencies they generate. Those tendencies can be expedient or not expedient to different groups of people. More often, domains of trials are determined by politicians and business people, but in case of medical foundations by ordinary citizens.

And if in many places of the world there is a political democracy scientific democracy practically does not exist. In other words, scientific tendencies are determined by financing performed by politicians and big business. Sometimes, inventions in which ordinary citizens are interested are not financed, while those inventions in which ordinary citizens are not interested, on the contrary, are financed extremely efficiently. Therefore, it is possible to sell not only inventions, but also scientific tendencies. The ISTC Foundation realizes it in many aspects, as well as finances the Russian scientists engaged in peaceful activities. In other words, ISTC Foundation finances antimilitarist tendencies in the Russian science.

How to expand a spectrum of buyers of tendencies and to develop- this activity outside the limits of political and big business interests? It is possible to fund future inventions and to sell them in form of shares, using the obtained money for research financing. There are two possible types of shares in favour of the invention and against it. If someone starts to buy shares against the invention, the scientists are paid for not to carry out one or another trial. I.e., it is supposed to sell shares providing rights to those inventions which still exist in forecasts or even in scientists imagination. Closer gets the outcome of the trial, more expensive are its shares. And on the contrary, less is the probability of its success, cheaper are its shares.

After obtaining the result of one or another trial, all shareholders start to gain a profit from its application.

Thus, it is possible to fund like that both the domains of trials interesting for politicians and big business and those which are out of their strategic interests or unprofitable.

However, the above described technology will not work under the contemporary conditions. Moreover, there were repeated attempts to apply similar ideas. To make these methods effective, it is necessary to change medium itself. And this is quite real and rather easy to do.

Due to new mechanisms of application of such concepts as authority, property, value of money, success and others, Virtual Concepts Technology can radically change the situation in this field.

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