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Good afternoon dear Ladies and gentlemen.

I bring to your attention my unique book Black PR.

Really in the book there is a story not about PR for negros. And PR for destruction of image of competitors. Image of politicians and destruction of image of any enterprise, and also any idea. So to say about negative technologies. However and not only about it. In the book it is told also about new methods traditional PR. And the most remarkable, that is in this book is a Theory of virtual concepts. It is essentially new method of management of a human society. This technology does not own while who except for us. I offer you automatic books without correction and editions. You, certainly, can receive real translation of the book, but it needs to be ordered by e-mail and there is it about 1500 euros. And to you will give translation of the book into any language.

On all of a question write to me.

vuima@vuima.ru in heading of the letter write


Otherwise the letter will be removed, as спам.

Yours faithfully Anton Vujma


телефон +7(812)716-22-18 email:

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